Controlled By My Breasts Custom Video – $10

erotic hypnosisThis video was a custom done for a lovely boy named George. Please note that I do use his name throughout the video. This one focuses on my breasts and voice controlling, owning, and taking you over. If you want to submit to me and become mine, belong to my beautiful tits, then this is a fabulous video.
Themes: Ownership, breasts, belonging to me, becoming mine
Effects: Hypnotic background

Masturbation Mantras: I Love Being A Sick Whore Custom Video – $10

erotic hypnosisThis is a custom video done for a favorite pet of mine. Lots of very specific humiliation done in the masturbation mantra style. Put your cock in your hand and repeat after me while you stroke, and enjoy. This one is more “mean” than my usual style – it’s definitely humiliating, so be warned. Spitting, name calling, blow up barnyard animal fucking – and of course, how much you loved it, you sick, nasty whore.

Themes: humiliation, enjoying being degraded, nasty and specific humiliation

Effects: cool, subtle blue lighting and hypnotic background

Masturbation Mantras: Need to be Used – $10

erotic hypnosis
The boy from my Craigslist Custom video is back, and ready for more. Now that he’s ready to submit to the male top that he found online, he wants a little Masturbation Mantra session. Masturbation Mantras are phrases that I have you repeat after me, as you stroke, while deep in trance. This helps set the suggestion firmly, to reinforce it, and make it that much deeper. He’s really fucked now – literally! The goal of this was to make him crave use by his male top, to yearn for it, to be willing and enthusiastic and vocal in his need to be used and his delicious humiliation at how aroused it made him.

Themes: forced bi, begging, craving, pleading, masturbation mantras

Effects: Soft music, hypnotic background

Craigslist Custom – $10

erotic hypnosis
This was a remarkably fun custom clip for a boy who contacted me needing a gentle “push” of sorts. Identifying as a primarily heterosexual man, he’d put out an ad on craigslist looking for a woman to do some strap-on play with him – and instead got a response from a male Dom who wanted to anally train him with progressively increasing dildos and even an electric plug! Scared but excited, humiliated and degraded but also incredibly aroused, he needed the push that my hypnosis could give him to take that final leap and contact him back.

Themes: anal training, decisions made, the rush of finally doing the nasty, hot things that get you off

Effects: Hypnotic Background

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