Clip Collecting Compulsion – $10

erotic hypnosis
Take your clip purchases into a whole new level by enjoying this trance with me. After you’re under, I’ll start implanting the most deliciously fun, twisted behavioral suggestions into your weak, vulnerable little mind. Trance with me, and find yourself compelled to own everything I release, to be unable to do anything else until your collection is complete, and to constantly check in, longing for more, looking for more, begging for more. It’s a win for both of us, and a delightfully blatant wicked little session.

Themes: control, compulsion, thought and behavior modification, financial domination

Effects: soft music, hypnotic background

Pamper Your Goddess – $10

erotic hypnosis
You know that I deserved to be spoiled, to be treated, to be showered in gifts. This piece takes that idea and pushes it a little bit further – I’m going to put you into trance and make what you already know into a powerful suggestion, a drive, a MOTIVATION that moves you to act as you know you should. Not playing around, not for the faint of heart – there’s no going back from this one.

Themes: control, spoiling, pampering, treating, wishlist shopping, strong financial domination overtones

Effects: hypnotic background, soft music