Deluxe Hypno: Shemale Djinn 2 – $40

This file is long – it’s just over a half hour. It’s a delicious fantasy piece that is a followup to my file called Deluxe Hypno: Shemale Djinn.
This one picks up right where we left off the last time. You wake from a blackout to find yourself inside the bottle – and you must do what your bewitching, seductive genie mistress commands to get out. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – because once you’re out, she wishes that there were two of her. This is a delicious fantasy that you’ll never want to end!

Deluxe Hypno: Shemale Djinn – $40

This session is long – it clocks in at just over a half hour. The delicious fantasy we play with here is intense, supernatural, and sexual to the extreme.
The story begins with you waiting for me, in a room in my temple . . . and continues with a sexy, gorgeous genie seducing you, teasing you, trapping and enslaving you. But she has a suprise waiting for you under that little skirt of hers . . .
This file has minimal effects, although the ones applied to the hypnotic voice of the genie will blow your mind. Suprise shemales, orgasms, enslavement, seduction – this is hypnotic fantasy you’ll adore.

Body Switch Bisexuality – $10

This file is . . . different. I hesitate to classify it as “forced bi” although I suppose it is, in the strictest sense. To enjoy this file, you should be watching your favorite heterosexual porn with the sound turned off. Bonus points if you can find a stretch where you can see the girl’s eyes, although it will work even if you can’t. This file has a whisper track.

This file takes you through an array of sensations, all pleasure-focused, as you feel her wrapped around your cock as you stroke in time, pleasure mounting as you watch and listen – and then a sharp perspective change, pan, zoom, dolly back, and boom – you feel his cock fucking you, penetrating you, filling you, driving you to a moaning orgasm. An explosive, gender-bending climax will leave you with questions and endorphins to spare.

Deluxe Hypno: Big Black Cock Beach – $40

This is a long fantasy file, about a half-hour in length. The script was a collaboration between a client and I; this is a fabulous custom story that is brought to life with lots of great background sound effects and an amazing narrative fantasy.

In it, you’re on a vacation at a magical beach, indulging your sissy side swimming in the ocean, nude sunbathing, relaxing . . . until you wander down a path and see a black man with a huge cock bathing in a waterfall. What follows is delicious – sucking, fucking, sissy mind-blowing fantasy. If you want a BBC, this is the file for you.

Masturbation Mantras: I Love Forced Bi – $10

Masturbation Mantras are brainwashing at its simplest. You put your cock in your hand and stroke while you repeat after me, over and over. Programming, orgasm, positive reinforcement – it’s insidiously fabulous.
This one is all about your love/hate relationship with forced bi – the humiliation, the degradation, the shame – and the incredible arousal, the explosive orgasms. This explores a mini-fantasy where you suck, and get fucked, and explore your feelings of humiliation and arousal at the same time. It’s a pretty explicit fantasy that I know you’ll love!

David Tests Your Cocksucking (Guest Voice) – $10

In this sexy fantasy mp3, one of my slaves, David, is assigned the task of testing your cocksucking skills and reporting back to me on how you’re doing. After all, how will I find out what you need to be trance-trained on if I don’t know how you are to start with? This is a fun, sexy audio with a male voice. All my boys who love or love to hate their gay or bi tendencies are going to adore this one.

Full Time Slave #1 – $20

Are you ready to become completely mine? My live-in pet, my sweet puppet, my hypnoslave? This series explores that fantasy in the immersive way that only my trance can give you. Live the fantasy! These are of a slightly longer length – about a half hour on average – and you’ll be astonished at how real the experience is to you.
This first episode revolves around your introduction, an orientation of sorts. From masturbation instruction to collaring, teasing and orgasm control, this one will get you hooked and keep you coming back for more.

Themes: Ownership, D/s, M/s, masturbation instruction, orgasm control, collaring

Effects: white noise, reverb

erotic hypnosis

Whore For Me (No Audio Effects) – $40

*This is identical to the previously released MP3, but it does not have the audio effects. Your mind and my voice, no bells and whistles included. *

A delicious, long hypnofantasy session, touching on so many hot buttons, so many yummy hot nasty fantasies. After a long, intense confusion induction that quite simply makes your brain quit thinking, give up and retreat into trance surrender, you’ll go down deep into my temple and find out what I have in store for you – and you’ll love it.

As the title implies, you’re going to be a whore for me, a courtesan, showing your devotion to me by prostituting your body for my fun and profit. Your very first experience is a doozy – a sexy couple celebrating their anniversary – and you’ll be forever imprinted by the experience.

Themes: Prostitution, devotion, objectification, pleasure, b/g, b/b, b/b/g fantasy