Endless Hypnotic Text Trap – Such An Addict – $1

You’re such an addict, you know. Addicted to coming, addicted to trancing, addicted to me, to women in general, to stroking your cock . . . this is where it gets you.

Like all my endless hypnotic text traps, it starts at just a dollar. You’ll follow a series of emails that slowly trance you out and take you down, where the pleasure is immense and intense, the orgasms amazing . . . but it will never truly stop.

Endless Hypnotic Text Trap: Findomme Fuckover – $1

Like all my endless hypnotic text traps, this unending set of fabulously crafted emails will put you into trance with just my words.

If you enjoy cruelty; if you want to be mocked, teased, and giggled at while I drain you; if you want to be reminded with every click that you can’t stop, that you enjoy your ruination, that I’m going to drain and break you – this one is for you.

Endless Hypnotic Text Trap: Deeper – $1

It starts at just $1 – You know you want to play. My words, so powerful, take over your mind, take over your body, take over your wallet. Read and obey, relax and click – a long, slow drain that will leave you weak, breathless, and trapped in an endless loop of clicking, paying, obeying. Tease, denial, masturbation instruction, deep trance, and an intense, well-earned orgasm – it’s all right here. This one will focus on taking you deeper than you’ve ever been – and stringing you along further than you’ve ever gone.

Endless Hypnotic Text Trap: The Things I Love – $1

Endless hypnotic text traps are just what the name suggests . . . a trip down the trance rabbit hole, reading my powerful hypnotic words as I trap you, tease you, play with you.
This one focuses on the pleasure you get from providing the things I love, and the pleasure I get from enjoying them. It reminds you over and over of what you’ve given me while taking you deeper, pushing you further, and thrilling you with the knowledge of what I’m doing with your money.

Endless Hypnotic Text Trap – Even More Findomme Fun – $1

After the fabulous response and feedback to my previous Endless Hypnotic Text Trap games, here is the next step you boys have all been clamoring for. You wanted more. You wanted harsher, crueler, more humiliating, more brutal play. You wanted to be forced to the edge while I laugh about it – and then keep going.

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it! This game starts at just a dollar – but be warned that once you start, you won’t be able to stop. Even if you win, you’ll never escape! Hash, brutal, deliciously humiliating financial ruin is just a click away.

Endless Hypnotic Voice Trap – Findomme Fun – $1

This is another game in my incredibly popular Endless Hypnotic Trap series. In this one, you get an mp3 at every step, urging you to go further, to do more for me, to keep going. You get subtle and not so subtle suggestions planted at every turn, get more and more aroused the further you go, and even have amazing, explosive orgasms – but be warned: like all my Trap Games, you can start one, but you can never finish.

Endless Hypnotic Text Trap: Twice The Findomme Fun – $2

You and I are going to play a game together. I’m going to get you harder than you’ve ever been while I take you deeper than you’ve ever gone. Walk through the looking glass with me, chasing your orgasm, and then fall down the expertly crafted rabbit hole I’ve designed for you into financial ruin. You’ll spend more, go deeper, and come harder than you ever have before. This is not for the faint of heart – but all my pets who “finished” the original game and are clamoring for more will certainly find what they’re seeking here. Wicked, devilish, and oh-so-satisfying, this game will leave you drained in every meaning of the word.

Endless Hypnotic Text Trap – Act Like A Lady – $1

This is sheer deliciousness, utter delight. A wonderfully wicked little game that starts at only a dollar couldn’t have such powerful effects . . . could it? Start clicking and wander down the rabbit hole as your mannerisms change and you’re programmed to act like the lady you so desperately want to be. Experience your body in ways you never have before! But be warned – like all my other wildly popular text trap games, there’s never really an end, and never any escape.