Endless Hypnotic Text Trap – Findomme Fun – $1

It starts at just $1 – a deliciously simple, quietly wicked little game. This one is similar to my incredibly popular original Endless Hypnotic Text Trap, but this trance focuses on the financial aspect of our little diversion. Click and follow along, reading my words, dropping further and further into trance and financial ruin. Once you start you just can’t stop – even if you reach the end, you will never truly be done. An insidious little game that will leave us both satisfied, leave you drained, leave me smiling and pleased – perfection. Includes masturbation instruction, a well earned orgasm, and heavy financial domination overtones, obviously. Not for the faint of heart – how long can you keep up? How far will you go for your orgasm, your kink, my pleasure? It’s just $1 to start – if you dare. erotic hypnosis

Endless Hypnotic Voice Trap – The Easy Orgasm – $1

Similar to my wildly popular Endless Hypnotic Text Trap Game, this game has mp3s attached to each step. This one is deceptively simple – you’ll achieve orgasm in only ten steps – but you’ll never truly be able to escape the trap. Intense orgasm, conversational trance, endless looping circular pleasures – fall in and revel in being there, because you’ll never get out.

The Endless Hypnotic Text Trap – $1

It starts at just $1 – You know you want to try it. My words, so powerful, take over your mind, take over your body, take over your wallet. Read and obey, relax and click – a long, slow drain that will leave you weak, breathless, and trapped in an endless loop of clicking, paying, obeying. Tease, denial, masturbation instruction, deep trance, and an intense, well-earned orgasm – it’s all right here.