30 Days of Anal Training – $30

Do you want to be buttfucked by me? Perhaps you’re curious about boys. Maybe you just want to play, alone, while you enjoy one of my fantasy mp3s or videos. If you’re an anal sex virgin or an experienced boy who wants to expand and grow, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. A zip file of 30 mp3s, this has something for you to listen to and a task to complete every day. Take a step, and change your sex life forever!

A Week of Chastity and Tease – $10

Would you like to play with me? A little game, so harmless, so innocuous, so fun . . . and at the same time so cruel, so mean. This week, your orgasm belongs to me, and you’ve been denied. You get seven delicious, devious, devilish mp3’s, one for each day of the week, with a task, a tease, a bit of direction. As you are teased and taunted and denied, all week long, you build up more than you ever thought possible for the most intense orgasm ever when I finally allow you one on the last day. Can you handle it?

30 Days To Better Hypnosis – $30

What’s stopping you from getting the most out of your hypno sessions? What’s between you and that delicious high, that most intense orgasm, that complete release?

Whether you don’t go under easily, or you never have; whether you can’t ever seem to really let go or you have a fear you just can’t shake – this is the file for you.

It’s a compilation of 32 mp3s, 4 pictures, 2 all new inductions, and it’s all designed to help get you there. Part training program, part exercise for the mind, all done in my sweet, erotic voice – you’ll love every minute of it; and at the end, you’ll reach all the heights you’ve ever dreamed you could.