Hooray for 2012!

Hello lovies!

I hope your new years was as fantastic as mine! I had a blast, and one lucky little pet got to hear me ring on the new year via my ignore phone line.

I have high, amazing goals for this year. As far as my erotic hypnosis goes, that means daily updates, of course.¬† I’m out of the country a lot, so I schedule my releases in advance – and you’ll be happy to know I have something set to release daily from now until March. I just love erotic hypnosis and you boys so much¬† . . . I’m so prolific it’s ridiculous. I just can’t stop myself once I get in the studio! Next thing you know it’s been ten hours and I’m all hot and bothered and have tons of stuff to release. For my personal life, I also have a sort of world vacation set up . . . Wandering from beach to beach, subletting vacation homes (thank Goddess for craigslist!) and just totally making 2012 my year to do and see everything I want. Complete freedom and sunshine, new people and places and sweet umbrella drinks . . . does it get any better? I’m so blissed out right now.

I’m really digging the look of the new site. I think it’s perfect! I adore the feedback I’ve gotten from you guys, as well. The category feature is awesome. Thanks to those of you who took time to send me emails with feedback about it. I’ve added some stuff, and I’ll be continuing to add in the future . . . for example, I now have a tribute page, and a links area. I will likely add some things to my sidebar, too! A gallery is also in the works. I have a photo shoot scheduled for Valentine’s Day and in addition to doing pics for photo sets and personal stuff I’m going to do a gallery. Can’t wait!

Anyhow, It’s closing in on midnight here and I’m headed to bed. TTYL!