Double Trance: Are You A Come Eater? – $10

In this file, I put you under gently, getting you nice and aroused, ready to play. And then, with Katrina on your right side, and me on your left, we tease you, tempt you, test you, toy with you. She’s harsh, humiliating, a cynical bitch, and I’m a perfect balance, sweet, teasing, giggling, and together we find out if you’re the type of boy that likes to swallow his own come – or anyone else’s, for that matter.
This file has humiliation and name calling, balanced out with my sweet giggle. Good cop/bad cop never felt so sexy before! We’ll make you come, with you knowing that you’ll have to eat it for us if you do – and you’ll love it.

Michelle Punishes You (Guest Voice) – $10

In this harsh mp3, I’ve sent you to my dear friend Miss Michelle for punishment you so desperately need. Not only are you denied my presence, you’re humiliated, shamed, and harshly verbally abused at the feet of my much harsher friend. When you finally get to come, you find that there’s even punishment in your pleasure, as you have a devastatingly humiliating orgasm. This one features a guest voice, my fabulous friend Michelle. You’ll love it!

David Tests Your Cocksucking (Guest Voice) – $10

In this sexy fantasy mp3, one of my slaves, David, is assigned the task of testing your cocksucking skills and reporting back to me on how you’re doing. After all, how will I find out what you need to be trance-trained on if I don’t know how you are to start with? This is a fun, sexy audio with a male voice. All my boys who love or love to hate their gay or bi tendencies are going to adore this one.