You Wish It Was Him – $10

I know where your mind goes when you’re fucking her. I know what you dream of, deep down. When you close your eyes in bed with her, it’s him you’re seeing – and when you feel her touch on your skin, if you concentrate hard enough, you can feel him, too. Deliciously sexy, this file is for those boys who want to get deeper into their secret fantasies, who want to smell him when you bury your face in her neck, who want to experience him when you’re in bed with her. Filthy, secretive, cock-loving boys will enjoy this experience intensely.

You Wish It Was Me – $10

You know the truth, deep down. I bring you so much more pleasure than she does, so much more kink, acceptance, arousal. We don’t even have to get into how much more you crave my glorious body being pressed against you to know that I outmatch her in every way. She just can’t compare to me – not even her physical reality can match the spell I weave with just my voice in your ear and your hand on your cock. She can’t make you come like I do – and this file hammers that fact home. A sweet, evil, delicious temptress, a homewrecking file, an affirmation of all the things you’ve been thinking but have been too afraid to admit – you’ll love this, and you know it.

Programmable Pet: Program Charlie – $10

To use this file, you NEED Programmable Pet: The Induction. Listen to it immediately before listening to this file.
Program Charlie is one that both you and your partner will find deliciously pleasurable. In Charlie, you will be a complete sex toy, for use as your partner desires. You never orgasm, never seek your own climax – you’re just a living dildo, a willing set of fingers, an obedient tongue. You are a sex toy – and you love it.

Program Beta – $10

To use this file, you NEED Programmable Pet: The Induction. Listen to it immediately before listening to this file.
Program Beta is about your complete inadequacy as a man. You know you can never please her – so your only hope to bring her the pleasure she deserves is by helping her get a real cock inside her. Humiliation, degradation, cuckolding, fluffing – it’s who you are, what you do – and what she deserves.

Trance Together – $10

A very non-threatening and introductory trance for couples, this file focuses on the physical feelings you get from going under. Listen together and enjoy the buildup, the foreplay, the heightened sense of awareness and sensation. Bond and connect, sharing energy, exploring each other’s bodies, before breaking off to continue your trance as you share passionate intimacy.

So He’s Into Hypno – $10

This is a wonderful mp3 to gift to the special woman in your life when you’re ready to tell her you’re into hypnosis. It’s very sweet, focusing on her role in your journey and encouraging her to find a capacity in which to accompany you in your hypnosis exploration. This is not a trance; this is informative and introductory, and a great purchase for when you’re breaking the news and before you begin experimenting with couple’s trances.