Controlled By My Breasts Custom Video – $10

erotic hypnosisThis video was a custom done for a lovely boy named George. Please note that I do use his name throughout the video. This one focuses on my breasts and voice controlling, owning, and taking you over. If you want to submit to me and become mine, belong to my beautiful tits, then this is a fabulous video.
Themes: Ownership, breasts, belonging to me, becoming mine
Effects: Hypnotic background

Worship My Breasts – $10

erotic hypnosis
I know just what you tit-obsessed little boys love. I also know just how to use that to wrap you around my finger. I will put you under using the triggers implanted in the Instant Trance clip, and then immerse you in a fantasy so real you’d swear I was in the room with you. I’ll be walking you through the daydream that you fantasize about so much – you, in front of me, worshipping my perfect, silken flesh. Concurrent with intense, explicit direction on your specific duties to me and my fabulous rack, masturbation instruction will bring you to well-earned release, leaving you spent, drained, in worshipful reverence to my gorgeous cleavage.

Themes: breast obsession, breast worship, masturbation instruction, completely immersive fantasy

Effects: soft music, hypnotic background

Breast Addiction – $10

erotic hypnosis

You know you are already so helpless, so completely mindless when you get even a glance at my tits – are you ready to take that to the next level? I’ll put you under a hypnotic trance, get you nice and weak for me, so open, so vulnerable, so relaxed – and then hook you, reel you in, permanently addict you to my perfect tits. Want to be my mindless little breast slave? Ready to be hopelessly addicted? Watch if you dare.

Themes: breast addiction, breast worship, light financial domination, my control of you, my ownership of you, your complete weakness for my soft flesh

Effects: Hypnotic Background, soft audio effects