Feel Like A Woman MP3 – $40

Are you a secret sissy? A feminization fetishist? If so, this MP3 is an absolute must-own.

This is an incredibly long session, with a very thorough relaxation induction. I put you under SO deeply, so completely, so utterly beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before that you’ll be completely immersed in the fantasy we build together.

What would you do, if you were a woman, through and through? If you could have breasts, not just stuff your bra? If you could be gifted with a clit instead of just strapping down your cock? I give you the gift of a feminine body, then dress you, make you up, turn you into the delicate, feminine, sensuous being you so much wish to be.

Who better, then, to show you the amazing gifts of being a woman, than me? Who could better introduce you to the intensity of female pleasure, the power of a woman’s orgasm? But after I play with you, after I’ve teased you and toyed you and made you come – it’s time for your most secret fantasy to come to life. Kneel in front of one of my studs, while I twine my fingers in your long hair and urge you to suck his cock. Feel the delicious stretch and fabulous fullness of being penetrated by a thick cock, the way your orgasm will rock you, the thrill of multiple O’s.

It’s more real than you’ve ever imagined, everything you want come to life, and when it’s over, you’ll swear that it really happened. Find out what it feels like to be a woman.

Themes: feminization, body morphing, dressing and makeup, g/g and b/g fantasy, perspective change, reality alteration

Effects: intense audio effects, including ones best heard on stereo headphones


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