Whore For Me MP3 – $40

A delicious, long hypnofantasy session, touching on so many hot buttons, so many yummy hot nasty fantasies. After a long, intense confusion induction that quite simply makes your brain quit thinking, give up and retreat into trance surrender, you’ll go down deep into my temple and find out what I have in store for you – and you’ll love it.

As the title implies, you’re going to be a whore for me, a courtesan, showing your devotion to me by prostituting your body for my fun and profit. Your very first experience is a doozy – a sexy couple celebrating their anniversary – and you’ll be forever imprinted by the experience.

Themes: Prostitution, devotion, objectification, pleasure, b/g, b/b, b/b/g fantasy

Effects: Left and right effects, reverb

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