Burn For Me – $10

erotic hypnosis
I know you burn for me – burn with the desire to please, the desire to be mine, to be owned by me; I know that your body itself burns with the need to orgasm in my presence, that you lust for me, that I haunt your wet dreams and inhabit your hottest daytime fantasies. In this fabulous hypnofantasy session, I take you under with a stunning visual effect as you focus on the flames I hold in my hand. Then we begin a hot, delicious journey, a spectacularly sexy narrative as I tease you, toy with you, show you everything you want, just . . . out . . . of . . . reach – and finally, bring you to your knees, make you beg to come, beg for the release you crave so much. The question is – do you receive permission, or are you doomed to be consumed by the fiery need that I’ve cultivated in your mind?

Themes: masturbation instruction, orgasm control, begging, countdowns, your obsession with me, your desire for me, my perfect body, exquisitely sweet teasing

Effects: Visual toys, hypnotic background

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