Whisper Whirlpool – $10

Tenatively, I will call this file an induction, although it’s hard to pin down a specific category. It was created as a special request for a pet of mine who had a hard time going under without being overwhelmed, yet hated rapid-fire questions or intense vocal inductions.

This is an effect heavy file, with layers upon layers of whisper tracks that wander aimlessly between your left and right headphones, dozens of whispers at the same time, with my voice occasionally faintly cutting through the whispers that are dragging you under to gently encourage you to go down.

This is great on repeat; it’s wonderful brainwashing for hypo addicts, as the whispers focus on going under easily; it’s relaxing and great to fall asleep to; it’s wonderful to cue up in front of your favorite file to knock you out hard before you play. If you crave any of those, you will adore this file.

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