Building a Perfect Man, Part 1: The Mindwipe (No Audio Effects) – $10

erotic hypnosis
**This is the same as Building a Perfect Man, Part 1: The Mindwipe, but is without the audio effects for my pets with an aversion or health issue that prevents them from enjoying clips that include secondary audio or binaural beats. If you crave my voice and your mind without all the bells and whistles, this is the version you should buy.**
I’m beyond rolling my eyes in disbelief at the words that come out of your mouth, the behaviors that you have been imprinted with by society, by other Dommes, by the internet, by your upbringing. I’m over your shortcomings, done with your failures and flaws, finished with your insufficiencies. I’m launching a series – a pet project, no pun intended – and I’m going to rebuild you. I’m going to make you into the man I want to claim as my own, the man I want to possess, a man I’d be proud to say is mine.
I’m going to start you at the very beginning. This is a trance that will eliminate all the behaviors, all the thoughts, all the programming that has been given to you by society or other dommes, by your own fantasies or desires. I’ll wipe your mind clean, making you all mine, making you vulnerable and open, ready to be filled with me and no one else. Complete mindlessness, total submission, open, vulnerable, emptiness, ready to be filled with my guidance and training – take the first step, and know that there’s no going back.

Themes: Mindcontrol, brainwashing, reprogramming, total rebuilding, my control, your submission, total whiteness

Effects: visual subliminals, hypnotic background

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