Body Switch Bisexuality – $10

This file is . . . different. I hesitate to classify it as “forced bi” although I suppose it is, in the strictest sense. To enjoy this file, you should be watching your favorite heterosexual porn with the sound turned off. Bonus points if you can find a stretch where you can see the girl’s eyes, although it will work even if you can’t. This file has a whisper track.

This file takes you through an array of sensations, all pleasure-focused, as you feel her wrapped around your cock as you stroke in time, pleasure mounting as you watch and listen – and then a sharp perspective change, pan, zoom, dolly back, and boom – you feel his cock fucking you, penetrating you, filling you, driving you to a moaning orgasm. An explosive, gender-bending climax will leave you with questions and endorphins to spare.

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