Worship My Breasts – $10

erotic hypnosis
I know just what you tit-obsessed little boys love. I also know just how to use that to wrap you around my finger. I will put you under using the triggers implanted in the Instant Trance clip, and then immerse you in a fantasy so real you’d swear I was in the room with you. I’ll be walking you through the daydream that you fantasize about so much – you, in front of me, worshipping my perfect, silken flesh. Concurrent with intense, explicit direction on your specific duties to me and my fabulous rack, masturbation instruction will bring you to well-earned release, leaving you spent, drained, in worshipful reverence to my gorgeous cleavage.

Themes: breast obsession, breast worship, masturbation instruction, completely immersive fantasy

Effects: soft music, hypnotic background

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