Deluxe Hypno: Ultimate Sleep – $40

Deluxe hypno sessions are long – this one clocks in at just over thirty minutes – and have all the bells and whistles you crave.
This file is focused on the one thing you can’t get enough of – trancing and going under with me, sleeping deeply . . . so deeply. Lots and lots of imagery, breathing, counting, pushing, pulling, guiding . . . yes. One could say that it’s a very, very long induction, and that’s certainly true. It’s wonderful for putting in front of another file, especially if it’s one you’d like to be under further for, or if you’re not the easiest to get into trance. But one could also say that you go under very early in the file, and spend the rest indulging in the sleepiness, in the feeling, in the euphoria, as I guide you, gift you with dreams, comfort you with sleep, arousing and sexual and yet comforting, soothing, restful at the same time – and that would also be true.
An experience not to be missed, this file has effects best heard with stereo headphones, and wonderful music in the background that you’ll adore.

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