I AM The Drug – $10

erotic hypnosis
The most powerful of motivation, the most intense high, the most driving NEED – welcome to addiction, pets. I’m going to put you under and then take away all of your self-control, all of the illusions you have about your ability to just walk away. I’ll give you triggers to give you the most intense rush, the most fantastic euphoria when you’re with me, when you’re indulging in my clips – but the price is oh-so-steep. Addiction, binges, a need more powerful than the need to eat, to drink, to breathe . . . but it’s so worth it. You’ll never experience a rush like this, a high like this, pleasure like this – so very, very worth the trade off. Buy if you dare – twelve steps won’t be NEARLY enough to get you off of Katherine.

Themes: addiction, compulsion, euphoria, binges, mainlining my voice into your brain

Effects: soft music, hypnotic background

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