Masturbation Mantras: Need to be Used – $10

erotic hypnosis
The boy from my Craigslist Custom video is back, and ready for more. Now that he’s ready to submit to the male top that he found online, he wants a little Masturbation Mantra session. Masturbation Mantras are phrases that I have you repeat after me, as you stroke, while deep in trance. This helps set the suggestion firmly, to reinforce it, and make it that much deeper. He’s really fucked now – literally! The goal of this was to make him crave use by his male top, to yearn for it, to be willing and enthusiastic and vocal in his need to be used and his delicious humiliation at how aroused it made him.

Themes: forced bi, begging, craving, pleading, masturbation mantras

Effects: Soft music, hypnotic background

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