Forced Bi Trance Kit – $40

This kit is a fabulous new way to explore flexibility in trance. You can choose the elements you like, leave out the ones you don’t, and string them together in a playlist for a perfect experience. You can start small and add on, adding new programming as old ones become second nature. You can mix and match depending on your mood and goals. You’re going to love it!

This one focuses on forced bi play, and includes separate mp3s for you to mix and match:
An induction
You love forced bi porn
You love when I make you suck cock
You love having your ass fucked
You love my strapon
Filthy faggot forced bi humiliation

Whisper Tease: Cock Obsessed – $10

This file is a delicious one – it features a delicious main track that toys with you about your cock obsession, how much you love dicks, your own and other people’s, how much you’d love to have a cock in your mouth, your hands, your ass, fantasizing about it, coming to the thought of it, yes, yes, yes! And the backing tracks are a pair of sexy whispers, both elaborating on your obsession, your compulsion, your desire for dick. This is a sexy file that cock junkies won’t want to miss!

Deluxe Hypno: Tranny Top – $40

This file is long, clocking in at around a half-hour, and it is sheer orgasmic fantasy bliss. After I gently, sweetly put you under, we begin an elaborate fantasy scenario where you stumble upon a sleazy little club in an alley. Horny, you hope it might be a strip club where you can find a girl amenable to going home with you – but what lies inside is better than your wildest dreams. You’ll end up in bed with five beautiful busty blondes, all of them packing a little secret under their skirts. Tonight, though, they want you to be the top, and they suck you, stroke you, ride you, beg you to fuck them. Orgasm after orgasm, you enjoy while they pleasure you and themselves. How many times will you come for them?

Deluxe Hypno: Beta Male Reorientation Part 2 – $40

This file is quite long, nearly a half hour in length. After I put you under, I guide you in finding your truth again. Yo know that only when you embrace, accept, and acknowledge who and what you really are will you be able to find ultimate pleasure. In this session I ask you leading questions, guiding questions, questions you have to answer honestly and truthfully. You know that I know best, know you better than you know yourself – so answer me, and answer your own questions at the same time.
This file explores a lot of themes, but returns over and over again to how much you enjoy having your holes filled. By toys, by women with strap-on cocks . . . and then explores how much difference there really is between a woman with a strap-on and a shemale with a perfect cock. We’re going to the edge, and you’re going to love it.

Deluxe Hypno: Beta Male Reorientation Part 1 – $40

This file is quite long, nearly a half hour in length. After I put you under, I guide you in finding your truth – teaching you that only when you embrace, accept, and acknowledge who and what you really are will you be able to find ultimate pleasure. Your limp tiny dick is useless, worthless. It’s a clit, really – and while it does feel good to rub a clit, the best orgasms are G-spot orgasms. For you? That would involve stimulating your prostate. With the help of my direction and a toy, you use your muscles, your nipples, your arousal to learn how to have an amazing, earth shaking orgasm without touching your clit.
This file has reorientation of body parts, humiliation, training regimens, toys, hands-free orgasm advice, and deliciously sexy truths that you needed desperately to hear.

Masturbation Mantras: Forced Bi Fantasy Fun – $10

Masturbation Mantras are brainwashing at its simplest. You put your cock in your hand and stroke while you repeat after me, over and over. Programming, orgasm, positive reinforcement – it’s insidiously fabulous.

This one is absolutely fabulous. Seamlessly weaving sexy fantasy with statements of fact, you’ll be forced, be used, be taken, and by the end you’ll admit to me that you love it and beg me for more.

Priestess Says: You’re a Filthy Fucking Faggot – $10

Priestess Says files are delicious, loopable bits of sexy, slutty, bossy fun. There’s no induction, no effects, no tricks or traps – just straightforward sexy commands, statements of fact. Perfect for looping while you stroke, while you sleep, playing at a low volume while you watch porn or listen to other files, nothing will pound truth into your subconscious like these files. This one is all about your nasty cock-whore proclivities. Full of nasty names, humiliation, delicious imagery, and mean teasing, if you’re a come-guzzling slut that gets off on being such a dirty little faggot, you’ll come so hard to this file.

Sexy Scary Six: Strapon Slut – $10

The Sexy Scary Six is a file format that assaults you with whispers. There are six tracks, each one different, that brainwash you, confuse you, bully you and overwhelm you and take you under. Reprogramming is at it’s most overwhelmingly delicious in these files!

This file is sexy, of course – you’re going to love this, you’re going to explode! But the scary part is that you don’t know exactly what I’ll be implanting into you. The only hints I’ll give for this file is that it focuses on how much you love getting fucked with a strap on. What sexy scary places could this file take you?

Humiliating Half-Dozen #2 – $10

The followup to Humiliating Half Dozen, this file has been much requested. This is a set of six distinct tracks, all whispers, intended to soak your subconscious with all the humiliation that you love so much. The humiliating whispers start out spaced, so you can hear them if you’re listening, before blurring together in a rushing whirlwind of whispers that will drag you down into trance. This file is full of the nasty bisexual humiliation you love! Filthy fucking faggots will explode for this one.

Priestess Propaganda: Cock Obsessed – $10

Priestess Propaganda files are deliciously twisted, evil little mp3s that you’ll love to hate. The front track is me, with my sweet, sexy voice, giving you a lovely masturbation session, encouraging you, being kind to you, bringing you to a fabulous orgasm. The backing tracks. . . Well, there’s always a catch, isn’t there?
The backing tracks on this file focus on an ever growing addiction to cock, an obsession for cock, a fanatical need to have it any way you can get it, and how much you’ll love it when you get it. Riddled with triggers, a minefield of suggestions, you will love what this file will do to you.