Double Trance: We Own You – $10

Katrina and I are a perfect example of balance. She is strict, demanding, bratty, bossy, entitled. I’m nurturing, soft, sweetly guiding, mentoring. She is the vinegar, I am the honey, and together we are the ultimate in hypnotic domination.

This is the first trance in the series. We put you under, both of us talking to you, guiding you, taking you deeper. We dangle all the possibilities before you, all the perks and fantasies and experiences you could indulge in if you were ours, if you belonged to us. We seduce and scare you, excite you and frighten you – and it gets you so, so, so hot. Listen to this file with stereo headphones for best immersion – this will blow your mind.

Masturbation Mantras: Forced Bi Fantasy Fun – $10

Masturbation Mantras are brainwashing at its simplest. You put your cock in your hand and stroke while you repeat after me, over and over. Programming, orgasm, positive reinforcement – it’s insidiously fabulous.

This one is absolutely fabulous. Seamlessly weaving sexy fantasy with statements of fact, you’ll be forced, be used, be taken, and by the end you’ll admit to me that you love it and beg me for more.

Wishlist Pleasures – $10

Close your eyes and stroke for me. I want to tell you a little story that will get you so, so hot. I want you to follow me this morning, in my sexy little sundress, as I go out to the post office. Follow me as I bring home my mountain of goodies, as I unwrap gift after gift, as I squeal with pleasure, giggle, smile. Doesn’t that make your cock hard? My pleasure, my delight, the intimacy of knowing that something you got for me is in my pretty little hands, that every time I use it I’ll think of you? Gifting, spoiling, pampering, sweet demands, delicious suggestions, and more – this isn’t financial domination, not precisely – but if you enjoy the energy exchange and arousal that comes with treating me like a Goddess then you’ll adore this file.

Masturbation 2.0 – $10

This file is designed to be a short stroke session, a lovely little break in your day that you can squeeze in almost anywhere. You stroke, your pleasure intensified by my voice, my words, my hypnotic gifts, and you find your usual parade of images flickering through your mind – but better. More real, more vivid, you can smell, touch, taste, and feel them in an amazingly intense way. Deliberately vague, you can use this file no matter what you’re in the mood to stroke to or for. This is stroking, but better. Perfect, short, delicious, orgasmic – yes!

Hypno Bonbons #1

Hypno Bonbons are delicious, bite sized little tidbits that you will love to have on hand. Five different tiny mp3s come in each set; loop them, play them with your favorite files, before, after, during, over, or under them. Set them as ringtones, alarms, or just enjoy them while you’re stroking. Bonbons are perfect, tiny little indulgent tastes of my sexy hypnotic talent.
This set features a countdown from ten to one, a countup from one to ten, a statement of permission to orgasm, a command to come, and my sexy sexy giggle, each on it’s own separate mp3 file.

Come Curiosity – $10

You know you’re curious about how it tastes, about how it would feel in your mouth, about how you would feel as you swallowed, savored, enjoyed your come. In this file, I encourage that curiosity to overwhelm you, reassure you about how much you will enjoy it, and guide you to climax and eat your load. This file does not have any persistent triggers or behavior modification – you’ll eat your come – this time. You’ll enjoy it, and then go back to your “regular” habits. Perfect for dabblers, for testing the waters, for an occasional treat – this file is a delicious deviation from the ordinary.

Sneak Attack #1 – $10

I’ve seen you watching me, you naughty boy. You think I haven’t noticed, that I’m just some dumb little hot neighbor girl, that you’re getting away with stroking your cock in the bathroom while you watch me sunbathing. What you don’t know is that I can turn little boys like you into puppets before you know what hit you – and I so, so will. Covert hypnosis, subtle persuasion, sexy hints of things to come – one minute you’re jerking off in the bathroom, and before you know it you’re on your knees by my pool chair. This is par for the course for me – but where will I take you? The first in the series, this a sexy hypno narrative that will have you begging for the next installment.

You Wish It Was Me – $10

You know the truth, deep down. I bring you so much more pleasure than she does, so much more kink, acceptance, arousal. We don’t even have to get into how much more you crave my glorious body being pressed against you to know that I outmatch her in every way. She just can’t compare to me – not even her physical reality can match the spell I weave with just my voice in your ear and your hand on your cock. She can’t make you come like I do – and this file hammers that fact home. A sweet, evil, delicious temptress, a homewrecking file, an affirmation of all the things you’ve been thinking but have been too afraid to admit – you’ll love this, and you know it.

Sexy Scary Six: Shemale Lover – $10

The Sexy Scary Six is a file format that assaults you with whispers. There are six tracks, each one different, that brainwash you, confuse you, bully you and overwhelm you and take you under. Reprogramming is at it’s most overwhelmingly delicious in these files.
This file is sexy, of course – you’re going to love this, you’re going to explode! But the scary part is that you don’t know exactly what I’ll be implanting into you. The only hints I’ll give for this file is that it focuses on your love for shemales, what you’d do with and for them, your fantasies, your habits, your profound arousal at finding at that sexy girl has something special under her skirt. What sexy scary places could this file take you?

Priestess Says: You’re a Filthy Fucking Faggot – $10

Priestess Says files are delicious, loopable bits of sexy, slutty, bossy fun. There’s no induction, no effects, no tricks or traps – just straightforward sexy commands, statements of fact. Perfect for looping while you stroke, while you sleep, playing at a low volume while you watch porn or listen to other files, nothing will pound truth into your subconscious like these files. This one is all about your nasty cock-whore proclivities. Full of nasty names, humiliation, delicious imagery, and mean teasing, if you’re a come-guzzling slut that gets off on being such a dirty little faggot, you’ll come so hard to this file.