Deluxe Hypno: Tranny Top – $40

This file is long, clocking in at around a half-hour, and it is sheer orgasmic fantasy bliss. After I gently, sweetly put you under, we begin an elaborate fantasy scenario where you stumble upon a sleazy little club in an alley. Horny, you hope it might be a strip club where you can find a girl amenable to going home with you – but what lies inside is better than your wildest dreams. You’ll end up in bed with five beautiful busty blondes, all of them packing a little secret under their skirts. Tonight, though, they want you to be the top, and they suck you, stroke you, ride you, beg you to fuck them. Orgasm after orgasm, you enjoy while they pleasure you and themselves. How many times will you come for them?

Masturbation Mantras: Forced Bi Fantasy Fun – $10

Masturbation Mantras are brainwashing at its simplest. You put your cock in your hand and stroke while you repeat after me, over and over. Programming, orgasm, positive reinforcement – it’s insidiously fabulous.

This one is absolutely fabulous. Seamlessly weaving sexy fantasy with statements of fact, you’ll be forced, be used, be taken, and by the end you’ll admit to me that you love it and beg me for more.

Wishlist Pleasures – $10

Close your eyes and stroke for me. I want to tell you a little story that will get you so, so hot. I want you to follow me this morning, in my sexy little sundress, as I go out to the post office. Follow me as I bring home my mountain of goodies, as I unwrap gift after gift, as I squeal with pleasure, giggle, smile. Doesn’t that make your cock hard? My pleasure, my delight, the intimacy of knowing that something you got for me is in my pretty little hands, that every time I use it I’ll think of you? Gifting, spoiling, pampering, sweet demands, delicious suggestions, and more – this isn’t financial domination, not precisely – but if you enjoy the energy exchange and arousal that comes with treating me like a Goddess then you’ll adore this file.

Masturbation 2.0 – $10

This file is designed to be a short stroke session, a lovely little break in your day that you can squeeze in almost anywhere. You stroke, your pleasure intensified by my voice, my words, my hypnotic gifts, and you find your usual parade of images flickering through your mind – but better. More real, more vivid, you can smell, touch, taste, and feel them in an amazingly intense way. Deliberately vague, you can use this file no matter what you’re in the mood to stroke to or for. This is stroking, but better. Perfect, short, delicious, orgasmic – yes!

Sneak Attack #1 – $10

I’ve seen you watching me, you naughty boy. You think I haven’t noticed, that I’m just some dumb little hot neighbor girl, that you’re getting away with stroking your cock in the bathroom while you watch me sunbathing. What you don’t know is that I can turn little boys like you into puppets before you know what hit you – and I so, so will. Covert hypnosis, subtle persuasion, sexy hints of things to come – one minute you’re jerking off in the bathroom, and before you know it you’re on your knees by my pool chair. This is par for the course for me – but where will I take you? The first in the series, this a sexy hypno narrative that will have you begging for the next installment.

You Wish It Was Me – $10

You know the truth, deep down. I bring you so much more pleasure than she does, so much more kink, acceptance, arousal. We don’t even have to get into how much more you crave my glorious body being pressed against you to know that I outmatch her in every way. She just can’t compare to me – not even her physical reality can match the spell I weave with just my voice in your ear and your hand on your cock. She can’t make you come like I do – and this file hammers that fact home. A sweet, evil, delicious temptress, a homewrecking file, an affirmation of all the things you’ve been thinking but have been too afraid to admit – you’ll love this, and you know it.

Worship My Ass – $10

You were made for this, you know. You need this, crave this, adore this! Part delicious guided fantasy, part training/brainwashing/suggestion implantation, this file will leave you weak. Get on your knees behind me as I tease you, tempt you, and train you. You’re going to love worshiping me!

Deluxe Hypno: Shemale Djinn 2 – $40

This file is long – it’s just over a half hour. It’s a delicious fantasy piece that is a followup to my file called Deluxe Hypno: Shemale Djinn.
This one picks up right where we left off the last time. You wake from a blackout to find yourself inside the bottle – and you must do what your bewitching, seductive genie mistress commands to get out. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – because once you’re out, she wishes that there were two of her. This is a delicious fantasy that you’ll never want to end!

Deluxe Hypno: Shemale Djinn – $40

This session is long – it clocks in at just over a half hour. The delicious fantasy we play with here is intense, supernatural, and sexual to the extreme.
The story begins with you waiting for me, in a room in my temple . . . and continues with a sexy, gorgeous genie seducing you, teasing you, trapping and enslaving you. But she has a suprise waiting for you under that little skirt of hers . . .
This file has minimal effects, although the ones applied to the hypnotic voice of the genie will blow your mind. Suprise shemales, orgasms, enslavement, seduction – this is hypnotic fantasy you’ll adore.

Body Switch Bisexuality – $10

This file is . . . different. I hesitate to classify it as “forced bi” although I suppose it is, in the strictest sense. To enjoy this file, you should be watching your favorite heterosexual porn with the sound turned off. Bonus points if you can find a stretch where you can see the girl’s eyes, although it will work even if you can’t. This file has a whisper track.

This file takes you through an array of sensations, all pleasure-focused, as you feel her wrapped around your cock as you stroke in time, pleasure mounting as you watch and listen – and then a sharp perspective change, pan, zoom, dolly back, and boom – you feel his cock fucking you, penetrating you, filling you, driving you to a moaning orgasm. An explosive, gender-bending climax will leave you with questions and endorphins to spare.