Helpless Premature Ejaculator Custom – $10

This was a particularly fun custom. It explores the idea of embracing premature ejaculation, and therefore making it as fast, frequent, and easy as possible. It plays around with hands-free orgasms, and automatic responses. As an added twist, there’s some light humiliation revolving around the inability to please a woman with your penis, thus forcing you into a beta male status, yearning to make up for it with your tongue. It’s a wicked, fun ride! It’s quite long at about twenty minutes, and there are elements of my masturbation mantras series included every now and again, urging you to repeat after me to cement suggestions.

Themes: premature ejaculation, hands free orgasm, beta male, custom

Effects: Slight reverb, slight echo, white noise

Think Of Me – $10

I know you fuck her – your lady, your wife, your girlfriend. But what you want – what you want so desperately – is to be fucking me, instead, isn’t it? You think of it sometimes, as you make love to your female, in passing, thoughts of me invading your mind as they do all the time, but this – this is different. This mp3 will lure you in with a gentle, conversational induction and before you know it, you’ll be getting exactly what you want. You won’t be able to get thoughts of me out of your head while you play with her, won’t be able to get my voice off your mind, won’t be able to stop seeing me in her place, stop worshipping my body instead of the one sprawled beneath you. It’s a delicious curse, a wet dream come true with a dark undercurrent. Let me into your bedroom, but know that I will never leave.