The Reset Button – $10

You want to start over. You want a clean slate. You want to begin your training again, with direction, with more dedication. Perhaps you wish to remove triggers left by people you no longer choose to interact with, or suggestions that have been cluttering your life and your psyche. You want a reset button.
This is it! This soft, sensuous mp3 will help you start over and wipe your mind clean. No matter what your reason for wanting it is, this mp3 will get you there.

Michelle Punishes You (Guest Voice) – $10

In this harsh mp3, I’ve sent you to my dear friend Miss Michelle for punishment you so desperately need. Not only are you denied my presence, you’re humiliated, shamed, and harshly verbally abused at the feet of my much harsher friend. When you finally get to come, you find that there’s even punishment in your pleasure, as you have a devastatingly humiliating orgasm. This one features a guest voice, my fabulous friend Michelle. You’ll love it!

Breast Trigger MP3 – $10

I know so many of you are already so in love with and weak for my huge, perfect, 34F cup breasts. With this mp3, you are put into trance and then guided towards an even more intense love, fixation, and weakness than you already have. Obedience, mindlessness, breast worship, fantasy, delicious orgasm and hyper-arousal – this is a fabulous session that you just can’t miss!