Hands Free Orgasm – $10

You want to acquire a new skill – the ability to come without touching your cock. Imagine the delicious possibilities, the world of fun which would open to you. In this session, I train and trigger you, implant you with the skills and thoughts needed to open up the ability to you, and direct you to an explosive finish.

Slow Orgasm – $10

Sometimes, you just need to come. And sometimes, it pleases me to let you. As always, though, I know best.

This is a sweet, fun mp3. I guide you through a delicious, long, controlled stroke session and count you down to a fabulous orgasm, all the while using it as an opportunity to show you that I really do know what’s best for you, and that you should just listen.

It’s fun, it’s easy, it has an explosive orgasm at the end, and the gentlest of effects (very light white noise). What’s not to love?