Masturbation Mantras: Give In – $10

Masturbation Mantras are fun little sessions where you stroke your cock while repeating after me. This one is based on my popular “Give In” mp3, so if you loved that one, you’ll love this one, too. This focuses on how enjoyable and arousing it is to give in and let go. Fabulous for fans of things that help them go deeper and those who enjoy the feeling of giving up control.

Just Give In – $10

It feels good when you give in. It feels so good when you let go, when you obey, when you let yourself drift into this trance. Lots of positive conditioning and deliciously erotic sensation suggestion combine in this mp3. If you want to go deeper, to enjoy it more when you release yourself into my hands, to get more pleasure from the act of letting go – you need this.

Forced Bi Fixation – $10

You know you love it. Take it for me. This mp3 will push all your buttons – asking some tough questions about why, deep down, you love forced bi so much, why you crave it. This is suggestion and programming, fantasy imagery and guided masturbation. The file wanders, taking you deeper and deeper, as you confront your desires and I force you to orgasm to them. A bit harsh and cruel, but oh-so-good.

Crave Chastity – $10

You have a secret desire, don’t you? A deeply hidden fantasy that you’re too scared or shy to admit – you want to be locked up in a chastity device for me. You want me to keep your key, dangling on a necklace between my amazing breasts. In this mp3, I’ll guide you to admitting, owning, and deepening your need for chastity, before allowing you one last orgasm before I lock up your cock.

Endless Hypnotic Voice Trap – Findomme Fun – $1

This is another game in my incredibly popular Endless Hypnotic Trap series. In this one, you get an mp3 at every step, urging you to go further, to do more for me, to keep going. You get subtle and not so subtle suggestions planted at every turn, get more and more aroused the further you go, and even have amazing, explosive orgasms – but be warned: like all my Trap Games, you can start one, but you can never finish.

Giantess Fun – $10

This was a custom mp3 that was so much fun, that I had to share it with everyone. After a fabulous induction, you enter trance to find yourself shrunk down, resting between my cleavage. A world of possibilities opens to us, and I explore lots of ideas about all the fun things I can do with a tiny, tiny pet.

Obedience – $10

You need this – this purpose. This fulfillment. This arousal. You want to be a good boy, an obedient boy, more than anything. This mp3 will get you there – it will drop you firmly in subspace and then program you with the most delicious suggestions. If you get off by pleasing me and doing as you’re told, or wish you did – this is perfect for you.