Weak For Women – $10

This mp3 is a custom that I adored making. It focuses on and enhances your addiction to women, your weakness for them, the complete cock-led existence you lead, constantly chasing, pursuing, fantasizing, daydreaming about women. There’s a spectacular climax at the end that is sure to change with your infatuation of the moment and a whisper track that will drive you mad! This one is so sexy, so pointed, and so hot you can’t stop listening!

Hypnosis Addiction – $10

I know you love this – the feeling, the thrill. You love being put under, losing control, not knowing what I’m going to do to you. You’re laid bare before me, to do with as I wish – and it arouses and frightens you, brings you to gushing orgasm and scares you utterly. This is a delicious exploration of that – lots of uncertainty, lots of good girl/bad girl musings. Your addiction, your orgasm, your vulnerability – it’s here, it’s thrown in your face, and it drags you over the edge to an explosive finish.