Program Alpha – $10

To use this file, you NEED Programmable Pet: The Induction. Listen to it immediately before listening to this file.

Program Alpha is about true submission. It removes your desires, your sexual urges, the sexual, kinky overtone that follows most submissives around like a needy, whining tail. You do what needs to be done. You don’t need to be micromanaged. You don’t get motivated by your cock, by orgasms – in fact, you’re celibate, unless asked to be otherwise – you’re only motivated by trying to please, obey, serve. This is REAL service, service unencumbered by your own selfishness.

This file is excellent for couples where the dominant half is . . . not so kinky, or wishes to put a toe in the water. (A vanilla wife, perhaps?) It’s zero-maintenance and zero-weird stuff for the dominant – unless the spirit moves them, of course. It’s also excellent as default setting with other kinky professionals – phone sex, dommes, etc, due to it’s complete lack of the normal obnoxiousness that comes from dealing with pets who are led by their dicks. This is a very useful and pleasant program to have available.

Programmable Pet: The Induction – $10

Hypnosis is a long, slow process. Current methods have me painstakingly tackling one behavior at a time, constantly tweaking, fighting your personal hangups, and then, once finished, being stuck with you unless I want to do a complete overhaul – which is a pain when what I really want at that particular moment isn’t a foot slave but a cock-hungry whore to suck my lover’s dick.

What if that didn’t have to be the case? What if I could program you to be anyone I choose, and activate that program at any time I want with a simple trigger phrase? In ten seconds I can have you putting away the foot lotion and hitting your knees for my man, simple as flipping a switch.

I’m not just changing your behaviors – I’m changing who you are, who you see yourself as, your basic personality – and I can flip amongst them at a whim. This will revolutionize your relationships with me, with other hypnotists, with your wife, with your playmates, with your dommes and your liaisons. This is you – but better.

This is the induction file. It will open your mind and ready you to receive programming. Play it immediately before you listen to a program file. You NEED this file to learn new programs.

Let the programming begin!

Masturbation Mantras: My Dick Is Worthless – $10

Masturbation Mantras are brainwashing at its simplest. You put your cock in your hand and stroke while you repeat after me, over and over. Programming, orgasm, positive reinforcement – it’s insidiously fabulous.

This one is all about your pathetic, useless dick. You’ll never make a woman come with it. You’ve never made a woman come with it in the past. Any woman who says you have is lying to you. You’ve got a useless, pathetic little annoyance in your pants, and the sooner you admit it, the better off you’ll be.

Loops: So Submissive – $10

This mp3 is a loop; meaning it is meant to be played on repeat. This one is a lovely piece of music very suitable for relaxing in bed, with a delicious whisper track behind it.

The main focus of this recording is to reinforce to you how submissive you are, how much pleasure it brings you to obey, how much you adore being on your knees. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, reinforcing your submissive desires with your arousal. This is a lovely loop for my submissive pets!

I Could Fuck You – $10

You know that, don’t you? Every time you go down with me, every time I put you under, you’re trading a chance that I fuck you over completely for that mind-blowing orgasm that I never fail to give you. You know it, and it gets you hard.

Stroke along as I tease you with all the ways I could fuck you – everything from blackmail to gay prostitution, humiliation to sissification. You, your wife, your boss, your friends – no one is exempt; you’re all fun diversions that I can play with and use as my pawns in this sexy-scary game.

The whisper track is a soft secret behind the main track, where the tone is teasing and giggling, and you’ll come hard, I know. It’s all a bit of fun and games. I’m so sweet – I’d never fuck you. I’m just playing. Right? Surely I wouldn’t. I mean . . . right?

Sexy Scary Six: Forced Bi – $10

The Sexy Scary Six is a file format that assaults you with whispers. There are six tracks, each one different, that brainwash you, confuse you, bully you and overwhelm you and take you under. My voice softly peeks out here and there over the course of the file, pushing you forward, arousing you, encouraging you.

This file is sexy, of course – you’re going to love this, you’re going to explode! But the scary part is that you don’t know exactly what I’ll be implanting into you. The only hints I’ll give for this file is that it focuses on forced bi. Let your imagination run wild – mine certainly did!