Sexy Scary Six: Swallow – $10

The Sexy Scary Six is a file format that assaults you with whispers. There are six tracks, each one different, that brainwash you, confuse you, bully you and overwhelm you and take you under. My voice softly peeks out here and there over the course of the file, pushing you forward, arousing you, encouraging you.
This file is sexy, of course – you’re going to love this, you’re going to explode! But the scary part is that you don’t know exactly what I’ll be implanting into you. The only hints I’ll give for this file is that it focuses on swallowing. What sexy scary places will this file take you?

Deluxe Hypno: Shemale Djinn 2 – $40

This file is long – it’s just over a half hour. It’s a delicious fantasy piece that is a followup to my file called Deluxe Hypno: Shemale Djinn.
This one picks up right where we left off the last time. You wake from a blackout to find yourself inside the bottle – and you must do what your bewitching, seductive genie mistress commands to get out. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – because once you’re out, she wishes that there were two of her. This is a delicious fantasy that you’ll never want to end!

Deluxe Hypno: Shemale Djinn – $40

This session is long – it clocks in at just over a half hour. The delicious fantasy we play with here is intense, supernatural, and sexual to the extreme.
The story begins with you waiting for me, in a room in my temple . . . and continues with a sexy, gorgeous genie seducing you, teasing you, trapping and enslaving you. But she has a suprise waiting for you under that little skirt of hers . . .
This file has minimal effects, although the ones applied to the hypnotic voice of the genie will blow your mind. Suprise shemales, orgasms, enslavement, seduction – this is hypnotic fantasy you’ll adore.