Sexy Scary Six: Shemale Slut – $10

The Sexy Scary Six is a file format that assaults you with whispers. There are six tracks, each one different, that brainwash you, confuse you, bully you and overwhelm you and take you under. My voice softly peeks out here and there over the course of the file, pushing you forward, arousing you, encouraging you.

This file is sexy, of course – you’re going to love this, you’re going to explode! But the scary part is that you don’t know exactly what I’ll be implanting into you. The only hints I’ll give for this file is that it focuses on your love for sexy shemales. Let your imagination run wild – mine certainly did!

Worship My Ass – $10

You were made for this, you know. You need this, crave this, adore this! Part delicious guided fantasy, part training/brainwashing/suggestion implantation, this file will leave you weak. Get on your knees behind me as I tease you, tempt you, and train you. You’re going to love worshiping me!

Program Echo – $10

To use this file, you NEED Programmable Pet: The Induction. Listen to it immediately before listening to this file.
Program Echo is short, sweet, and to the point – but deliciously versatile. When you’re using Program Echo, you must repeat anything you are told to – no matter what. Regardless of place, setting, truth of the statement, or humiliation factor, you will repeat anything you are told to. Excellent for conditioning, brainwashing, humiliation, punishment, and sexy times in general, especially for the shy submissive who finds himself stuttering and unable to speak, this is a fun little piece that opens lots of kinky sexy doors.

Program Delta – $10

To use this file, you NEED Programmable Pet: The Induction. Listen to it immediately before listening to this file.
Program Delta is a toe in the water for those of you who wish to experiment with re-orientation. You will begin identifying as bisexual while under the influence of this program. Your fantasies and masturbation habits, your answers to questions to your partners and dommes, your daydreams – they are all affected, and you’ll find yourself equally attracted to men and women. Delicious, non-intimidating, and eminently functional, Delta is a wonderful program.

You’d Love Sucking Cock – $10

Deep down, you know you’d love it – crave it – enjoy it. Listen as I help you discover that you are, in fact, a cocksucker – even if you don’t yet know it. Your pleasure, your feelings, your arousal – they all prove that I’m right. Open wide as I guide you to a wonderful climax, as I teach you, show you, help you discover your true desires.