Losing Control – $10

This file is not traditional hypnosis. Instead, you’ll enjoy a hypnotically delicious conversation, a sneaky trance, a surprise conversational style bit of erotic trancing that will leave you breathless. Listen as I tell you about how much I adore taking control from men, how easy it is, how much I love it and how very erotic I find it – and see if you don’t find yourself slipping down, down, down into my words. This is a much-loved piece that will arouse and excite you even though it doesn’t contain an explicit sexual energy, and will entrance you even though the induction is stealthy and low-key. Finally you’ll understand what it’s like for the legions of men I entrance and control in daily vanilla life – and just like them, your mind, your cock, and your ideas of control won’t stand a chance.

Whisper Tease: Cock Obsessed – $10

This file is a delicious one – it features a delicious main track that toys with you about your cock obsession, how much you love dicks, your own and other people’s, how much you’d love to have a cock in your mouth, your hands, your ass, fantasizing about it, coming to the thought of it, yes, yes, yes! And the backing tracks are a pair of sexy whispers, both elaborating on your obsession, your compulsion, your desire for dick. This is a sexy file that cock junkies won’t want to miss!

Deluxe Hypno: Tranny Top – $40

This file is long, clocking in at around a half-hour, and it is sheer orgasmic fantasy bliss. After I gently, sweetly put you under, we begin an elaborate fantasy scenario where you stumble upon a sleazy little club in an alley. Horny, you hope it might be a strip club where you can find a girl amenable to going home with you – but what lies inside is better than your wildest dreams. You’ll end up in bed with five beautiful busty blondes, all of them packing a little secret under their skirts. Tonight, though, they want you to be the top, and they suck you, stroke you, ride you, beg you to fuck them. Orgasm after orgasm, you enjoy while they pleasure you and themselves. How many times will you come for them?

Whisper Tease: Foot Fetish Humiliation – $10

In this file, my voice is soft, sweet, delicious, weaving through your ears, telling you that I’m planting suggestions in your mind, that the whispers on the backing tracks are soaking these suggestions deep into your subconscious, that I’m going to trigger you, coerce you, that you’re going to love it when I do. The main track is a bit humiliating, with some name calling and teasing. The backing tracks are fabulously inventive suggestive whispers, these focusing on what a foot freak you are, on the things you’re going to be compelled to do next time you’re checking out a sexy woman’s feet. You’re fucked – and you love it, don’t you, you nasty little bitch?