Stroke Addiction Enabler – $10

I know – sometimes you worry that you stroke too much. You think you spend too much time with your hand on your cock, too many hours fucking your fist. Well, lean in and let me whisper a secret into your ear – you don’t stroke too much. In fact, it’s possible that you don’t stroke enough. In fact, I think stroking more often would be very beneficial to you. You can trust me – you know I know what’s best for you.

Weak Mindless Stroking – $10

This file is supremely delicious and a perfect piece to enjoy on it’s own or add to another file. This is conversational style hypnosis, without a traditional induction. As you stroke with my sweet voice in your ear, I talk to you about how weak you are when you’re like this, how mindless you become when you’re stroking for me, overwhelmed by pleasure, about how easy it is and how much you enjoy becoming a mindless, weak little stroke zombie, agreeable and easy for me. Fans of hypnotic submission will find this absolutely wonderful!

Forced Bi Trance Kit – $40

This kit is a fabulous new way to explore flexibility in trance. You can choose the elements you like, leave out the ones you don’t, and string them together in a playlist for a perfect experience. You can start small and add on, adding new programming as old ones become second nature. You can mix and match depending on your mood and goals. You’re going to love it!

This one focuses on forced bi play, and includes separate mp3s for you to mix and match:
An induction
You love forced bi porn
You love when I make you suck cock
You love having your ass fucked
You love my strapon
Filthy faggot forced bi humiliation