You Love Her Cock MP3 (No Audio Effects) – $40

*This is identical to the previously released MP3, but it does not have the audio effects. Your mind and my voice, no bells and whistles included. *

This is another of my fabulous super-long mp3 fantasies. After I put you under oh-so-deep, you’ll feel, hear, smell, and taste everything that I want you to in fantastic detail. It’s masturbation and fantasy at a whole new level!

In this one, I know your secret – know your dirty little craving for cock. I even know what your favorite porn is, the one you keep on your computer and go back to over and over. When a beautiful girl begins stroking you, you don’t even think twice when the tv flips on to your favorite. As she teases and coaxes, brings you to the brink over and over again, she gets you to admit you like cock, that you want it – and when she finally talks you into doing anything to come – even sucking cock, or taking one in your ass – she reveals her not-so-little secret. She has you right where she wants you, and you both love it.

Themes: Shemales, fantasy, cock sucking, ass fucking, humiliatingly explosive orgasm, tease

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