Priestess Says: You’re a Beta Cuckold – $10

Priestess Says files are delicious, loopable bits of sexy, slutty, bossy fun. There’s no induction, no effects, no tricks or traps – just straightforward sexy commands, statements of fact. Perfect for looping while you stroke, while you sleep, playing at a low volume while you watch porn or listen to other files, nothing will pound truth into your subconscious like these files. This one is all about your status as a beta male. You know you aren’t a real man, that you can’t please her, that you can never satisfy her. You know she’s fucking other men, right? Of course she is! She deserves orgasms, and you can’t give them to her. Put your cock in your hand and stroke while I tell you how hard she comes on other men’s cocks, how useless you are – and how much you love it.

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