Deluxe Hypno: Beta Male Reorientation Part 1 – $40

This file is quite long, nearly a half hour in length. After I put you under, I guide you in finding your truth – teaching you that only when you embrace, accept, and acknowledge who and what you really are will you be able to find ultimate pleasure. Your limp tiny dick is useless, worthless. It’s a clit, really – and while it does feel good to rub a clit, the best orgasms are G-spot orgasms. For you? That would involve stimulating your prostate. With the help of my direction and a toy, you use your muscles, your nipples, your arousal to learn how to have an amazing, earth shaking orgasm without touching your clit.
This file has reorientation of body parts, humiliation, training regimens, toys, hands-free orgasm advice, and deliciously sexy truths that you needed desperately to hear.

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