Deluxe Hypno: Beta Male Reorientation Part 2 – $40

This file is quite long, nearly a half hour in length. After I put you under, I guide you in finding your truth again. Yo know that only when you embrace, accept, and acknowledge who and what you really are will you be able to find ultimate pleasure. In this session I ask you leading questions, guiding questions, questions you have to answer honestly and truthfully. You know that I know best, know you better than you know yourself – so answer me, and answer your own questions at the same time.
This file explores a lot of themes, but returns over and over again to how much you enjoy having your holes filled. By toys, by women with strap-on cocks . . . and then explores how much difference there really is between a woman with a strap-on and a shemale with a perfect cock. We’re going to the edge, and you’re going to love it.

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