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My clips are all shot in the highest definition possible. I use an incredible camera that is crystal clear even when watched on my 72″ television, and a separate audio recording system that will make you swear I am whispering right into your ear. Follow that up with my immaculate production quality and my spectacular range of tools and effects, and you have an experience that is simply unparalleled. Clips are mp4 in format, which will play on practically every player, Mac or PC. They are super high def, so the files are big and take a bit to download – but the quality is worth it.

My MP3s are where I feel I truly shine. They are absolutely my passion, and I know they will be yours, as well. I use professional equipment and the level of production and skill that you get when you buy one will knock you senseless. I adore playing creatively with my audio, adding music, subliminals, whispers, binaural beats, reverb, left-right play and so much more. If you’re not interested in the bells and whistles, rest assured that my voice and skill can certainly stand on it’s own – as my phone pets can attest – and I also release versions of my MP3s that do not have the effects.

If you want a custom video, the rate is $10/minute when paid through niteflirt. I quote a 72 hour turnaround, although I am generally able to get it to you faster. Feel free to message me on niteflirt or email me for details – my email is

If you want a custom MP3, the rate is $5/minute when paid through niteflirt. I have a 48 hour turnaround time on audio, though it’s generally faster than that. Again, feel free to message me on niteflirt or email me for details – my email is

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